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I first heard the term "enwhitenment" (humorously enough) in a Sasquatch documentary.  An older man was describing the new-age, "enlightened" & idealistic approach that entitled white men, specifically, seem to feed on.  this moral detachment from the pain that their personal gains may cause.

As an angry, young person in society, seeing the OUTRAGEOUS conduct of some of our "most esteemed" individuals in politics is awe-striking.  Writing is really my only way of both making sense of & expressing this festering irritation.


subtitled: who the F*CK do you think you are?

You are stark-frozen opportunists flocking 

To the barely-cold-body of

The American Dream,

With teeth that only seek

To pick fresh flesh

From a corpse that 

Will only continue to decay

Under these conditions.

How do you justify

Such carnality?

How do you justify

Leaving behind

The very people whose vote

You prayed and cried for?

You charge children for the food they need

At the places you require them to be,

Treat them like the inmates you use

As cheap labor & a profit-holder

In a Ponzi scheme with bars and Orange jumpsuits.

You spout that “freedom for all” bullsh*t

But target the homeless like 

They shoot innocent people dead

Without consequence. (Irony)

How do you justify

Using children as payouts for

Low-income group homes that

Strip away everything that felt like home?

How do you justify turning a blind eye

To that exact scenario while you

Purge yourself of shame

And let it jump into the bones

Of terrified pregnant women

Heading into the jaws of a new life?

How does the hypocrisy sit in your stomach?

Shaded and jaded by a blue and red reality

That you forget that the colors of human SKIN

Speak more clearly about the state of the world

Than a man in an ironed suit

Who has never gone without food, shelter, or 

Watering for days.

Has never needed to FIND a roof to 

Sleep under.

But you speak with my interest?

With hers?

With his?

I apologize if I sound inconvenienced,

I’m just a young, young person

In this terrifying world,

With questions that I’d love to spit

In a few faces.

But most of them sound like:

Why do you talk like a leader of humanity,

And then turn around and kill it all the same?

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